Chelsi Says Healing Is Not Straight

She keeps showing up for herself

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Namibia's current reigning Miss Namibia Chelsi Shikongo has left us feeling all inspired and wanting to make a whole lot of affirmations that we aren't even sure will materialise.

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Chelsi took to Instagram to share that last year February while she was in Cape Town, South Africa she made an affirmation poster and looking at the poster now, she has actually gotten a lot of those things she wrote done.

She said, "...I decided to share it for any of those people that need it, that needed to hear it today to read it today especially for my younger sisters to see cause they asked me a very good question which was did I always know that I wanted to do modeling and succeed in pageantry and no I didn’t.

"I just had my faith my optimism and people that believed in and that supported me and then developing working hard and understanding the importance of being intentional and genuine consistency. Loving what I do is why I am where I am today.

"They gave me feedback telling me they think I’ve always been confident and that I always knew this what I want to do but I want to show them that it takes daily affirmations it takes putting yourself out there it takes trying it takes forgiving and loving and reminding yourself all over again HEALING IS NOT LINEAR

"We all need that reassurance and affirmation and I’m so glad I’m here for myself even on days I don’t think of it and just want to be hard on myself

Her affirmations board has things like: "Trust in your struggle baby", "It's hard but you're growing" "Keep Going", "Cry as much as you have to"

People took to the comments section to pain it with orange hearts and also appreciate the Queen for sharing things that we all could really do with. We really are taking a page from her book. It could even be a whole chapter.

@ambi_tious97 said, "Whoa I really need to make one for myself I have been struggling to find myself 👏👏"

Chelsi responded to this comment and said, "@ambi_tious97 it takes a lot so I completely understand take your time with it cause I really struggle to make more of these or even just a vision board is takes a lot of mental strength for me to make🧡"

@ambi_tious97 came back to Chelsi and said, "@chelsi_shikongo thanks dear I have this thing when I'm talking to myself like in my head it's always feels so amazing but whenever I take a pen and paper to write I feel stuck"

We loved this interaction and it is a further testament of the person that our Miss Namibia is.

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