Celebs Jive At DJ Alba's Big Bash

It was very litty

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DJ Alba is the true definition of innovation and hard work. She's always working to break barriers and make her dreams come true. Last night she hosted the first edition of her new bi-annual event called Sunsets x Roses. The event was held at The Catch. The dress code was pink, blush, white, beige or shades of nudes nudes. Celebrities and guests alike did not come to play. They showed up and showed off for their favorite female DJ.

Dillish was spotted wearing a black ensemble which kept her dancing all night long. She wore a fitting, double thigh-high, slitted skirt with gold vintage buttons gracing the thighs of the dress. She arrived at the party with her cousin Henny Matthews who fans were quick to be curious about. Apart from being very good looking, just the association he has with Dillish is enough to make any woman at the venue curious to know who he is.

 As per her usual Dillish was drinking Hennessy with a bit of Tequila and Redbull to give her just the right amount of energy to dance all night long. She had a particular dance move where she swayed her hips from side to side and grinded her friends all night along. She showed up with her friend @kiwi_baby, who is the entrepreneur behind @kiwi_nails_academy. Dillish then met up with Penny Heelu, one of her childfriends who she used to apparently babysit.

TV and radio personality, Paul da Prince, who also attended DJ Alba's party gave Dillish the microphone at some point to say a few words. The only thing the litty Dillish was able to utter over the microphone was a "Merry Christmas" to all. Clearly the festive season has already checked in and she hopes you're feeling it too. Paul Da Prince uploaded an IG post today from last night with Madame Dillish saying she had some crazy dance moves at DJ Alba's party last night. What a wow! We also wish we had been a part of this.

On the other hand DJ Alba, the host of the party, was living her best life at her debut event experiencing immense support from her peers just days after announcing that she would be playing at her first international gig in Tanzania. What a wow!
Her fans came through following the fashionista's dress code to the tea.
She played an amazing set and all her fans and celebrities alike loosened up and went wild. She also gave a chance to other smaller DJs to play, network and really make a name for themselves.
The amazing DJ Alba who was celebrating her birthday which is today, the 25th of October, was pleasantly surprised by two amazing performances, one of them being the one and only Top Cheri who had been out of town in Swakop for a gig. She made sure to rush back just in time to surprise her babe DJ Alba at her own party. How legendary? Fans and guests went wild with Top Cheri's performance. One fan even jumped on her on stage, snatching the microphone from her. 

This morning as all the celebs posted the videos from last night, each and every single one of them was sure to say how litty the party was, litty like a titty! (Like Cardi B says)
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