Top Celebrity Cars In Namibia

Are you wondering which cars do the rich and famous in Namibia drive? Let us find out!

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It must be nice to be loaded!

Being rich and famous comes with its own perks. You get to afford what many can’t afford such as luxury cars and houses. 

Cars are a big deal especially for celebs, and when you are rich and famous,  everything you do or own becomes a matter of public interest. 

So, just in case you are wondering what Namibia's most celebrated stars drive, don't fret. We have you covered. 

We decided to dig deep and find out which cars our favourite celebs drive. 

King Tee Dee Cars

He calls himself "The Greatest". Nigerian superstar King Tee Dee is Namibia’s most successful artist.

He loves fine thing in life. The Dogg drives around in the top of the range cars, fit to the greatest. 

One of his cars is a Range Rover. It is white in colour. Anybody who has a bit of knowledge about cars knows that Range Rover is one of the best brands in the world and is loved by many stars.

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King Tee Dee was made ambassador of Range Rover in 2018. The musician and businessman posted a video showing how excited he is to be made ambassador of such a big brand. 

“I am proud to announce that I am the Range Rover Ambassador, Looking forward to this great relationship. Cool brands together.. see you at the 28 09 19,” he Tweeted. 

Here is the video.
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Audi is one of the best car brands in the world. It is a German car that many stars love to drive, and King Tee Dee is one of them. The ‘You’ hitmaker drives an Audi A3.  The silver Audi A3 has an exquisite interior, and the Kwaito star likes to post in the car.
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King Tee Dee is such a proud owner of the car that he has even branded it with his clothing label 'Mshasho'.
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Gazza’s cars

Gazza is not only a successful musician, but he is also one of the richest artists in Namibia. 
He is one of the most selling Kwaito selling artists in Namibia. 
With all the money he makes from his businesses and singing career, Gazza has managed to buy himself expensive cars. 
Apart from singing, Gazza owns G-Fresh, a mineral water brand, and he is the star of reality show ‘Just Whyling’. 
The ‘Chelete’ hitmaker drives a BMW 330i. A BMW 330i costs more than half a million. The car retails for around R650 000 – money that many people will only dream of earning.  Gazza’s car is white in colour.
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Lady May Africa Cars

This international star from Namibia is famous for her amazing vocal abilities.   

Lady May Africa loves to travel the world, but also drive around in her own home country. 

The star drives a luxurious car which she recently bought. It is her dream car, and she says she has managed to shut haters up. 

In a post she put on Instagram she wrote “God said this Car is mine & all my dreams are valid.... haters are saying girl staaaaahhhpppp dreamin, My dreams are sayin: Hater take five/stay lurkin & watch me give you endless reasons to stay mad! Point of Story: You want somethin.... GO GET iT. °•Let WhoEver Think Whatever... Just Keep Gettinnn Better•°”
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Way to go girl!

Dillish Mathews Cars

Dillish Mathews is a lady of style. Her wardrobe, beauty and style have made her Namibia’s most celebrated women. 

The 29-year-old not only has an eye for nice clothes. She has a cosmetics business called Dillish By Vault and also has a fine dining restaurant in Windhoek. 

The star was also an ambassador for big brands such as Nivea. 

Because of her beauty and being so smart and entertaining, Dillish is one of the most loved media personalities.

With a net worth of 2.5 million dollars, Dillish can drive any car she likes. 

She drives around town in a black Volkswagen. 

The car sure looks good on her. It is not clear if this is the only car the star has.
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Sally Boss Madam Cars           

Afro-fusion singer Sally Boss Madam real name Sally Ephraim Keya is an amazing vocalist in Namibia. 

The songbird who started singing at the age of 12, had made enough money to enable her to drive the most luxurious cars. 

Because of the great following she has, Sally Boss Madam was made an ambassador for Lexus. 

Lexus is one of the most loved, stylish and expensive cars in the world. 

She was made ambassador in 2018. 

“ Thank you Pupkewitz Lexus Namibia.. big things Rolling in a Lexus at the 081fest,” she captioned one of the tweets where she showed off the Lexus that was given to her.
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The star enjoys driving around in comfort.
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