Celebrities Forced To Prove Child's Paternity

All they wanted was proof

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Celebrities forced to prove child
These celebrities were forced to submit to a DNA test by their spouses in order to prove that the children or child was indeed theirs. For some celebs, it was because of adultery, while for others, something didn't add up.

Celebrity couples have had public fights on this topic, leading to many of them publicly clearing the air, exposing each other's flaws and previous infidelities.

Here are celebrities who have been obliged to prove their paternity to their children.

Atandwa Kani and Thembisa Mdoda

Atandwa Kani, an international actor, decided to clear the air and speak his mind. The ex-couple got into a heated paternity battle on social media, and it was as messy as it gets.

On Facebook, Atandwa posted a lengthy rendition of his side of the tale. He began his story by recounting how he met Thembisa at Wits University in 2004. During their school years, they had an on-again, off-again relationship before moving on to other individuals.

Thembisa disclosed she was pregnant when the pair met again in 2011 on a casual basis. Given that Thembisa was connected with another guy at the time, Atandwa's plan was to request a paternity test once the children were born.

Thembisa was having none of it and refused to undergo the DNA test, even telling Atandwa that if he persisted in pressing the issue, he would lose contact with the children.

The children were born in 2012, and allegations began to circulate that Thembisa had been unfaithful to her boyfriend and was having an affair with another guy. Atandwa eventually called it quits as the rumors continued to spread.

Thembisa finally agreed to a paternity test in 2015, which proved that the children were not Atandwa's.

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Artist Sjava hasn't shied away from drama since his involvement in Lady Zamar's rape allegations.

A lady by the name Mandisa Mtubu claimed that she and Sjava had a child together and that he was refusing to pay child support.

According to Mandisa, Sjava and his team allegedly tried to bribe her with R10,000 to keep the baby a secret. She also mentioned that Sjava has been supporting her for months.

Sjava came out to say that the reason he wasn't paying child support was that he needed evidence of paternity through a DNA test.

A DNA test was performed, and the findings were negative. Her son's father was not Sjava.

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Kay Sibiya and Zukisa Vutela

Zukisa exposed Kay Sibiya The Queen actor for refusing to take responsibility for their daughter until he had proof that the kid was his.

A DNA test revealed that he was the father of Zukisa's child. Their paternity dispute has been going on for a while, and Kay insists on having further DNA tests done, preferably three in various locations, because he believes the results will prove otherwise.

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