Mzansi Drools Over Buhle Samuels' Twerk Video

'What waist?'

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The King Of Joburg star Buhle Samuels has broken the internet with her twerking skills. Buhle stole the hearts of many when she wined her waist to John Vuli Gate at her best friend's baby shower.

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Buhle Samuels has left many under a spell following her video where she shows off her booty, wearing a blue figure-hugging dress that perfectly sculpted her body.

The Muvhango actress, who is rumoured to be leaving the telenovela, is notorious for breaking the internet. The model always posts pics from photoshoots wearing nothing but skimpy underwear, making her fellow industry mates green with envy.

Buhle recently hogged the headlines for her alleged bad behaviour at Muvhango which ultimately lead to her getting fired. Sunday World revealed that the star will be leaving the SABC 2 soapie once again and it is not clear what the real reason might be.

Rumour has it that she has been treating people in a distasteful manner. Apparently, the producers of Muvhango grew tired of her diva ways, labeling her "too demanding" so a decision had been made. Buhle is allegedly very rude to make-up artists, production team and other staff members. Her short temper also is a behavior many have gotten fed up as she would also fight with people on-set.

Responding to these claims, Buhle did not deny the rumors instead she slammed the media for their 'false and inaccurate' stories. In a series of tweets, she said "The way press writes inaccurate stories with their full chest! Hayi shame."

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