Brownson Lukas Released on N$15 000 Bail

But will he still be part of The reality TV show after this?

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Foreign currency trader Brownson Lukas has been released on N$15 000 bail after he was arrested last month for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

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Lukas appeared at Windhoek Magistrate Court this Wednesday, 02 February.

He is facing domestic violence and assaults with intent to do grievous bodily harm charges.

According to Eagles FM Namibia, Lukas has denied assaulting his girlfriend during his testimony yesterday.

"If that's what I had done, she would have had open wounds, or injuries, or blue eyes, but she does not have any of that," Lukas said.

He also claims that he is the one who got assaulted. He stated that his girlfriend started slapping him at a popular club. "She came and slapped me and started insulting me in front of everyone. The people even had to stop the music, I went to my car and drove home, but she followed me," the publication quoted him.

According to, Lukas is also part of a local Reality TV show 'Save My Ship.' The show aims to empower and educate people who are experiencing challenges in their love lives.

The publication also shared that the show will be aired on NBC. Based on the allegations leveled against Lukas, the show's creator and producer Kadhikwa told the paper that Lukas's future on the reality TV show is yet to be decided.

“An incident or complaint is merely an allegation, and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I have taken an informed decision to respect the legal process, the rule of law, and the human rights of the individual.

"Moving forward, I am considering my options by evaluating the situation with our reality star, producers, the team of entertainment experts, and legal advisers,” she told the publication.

Kadhikwa has also made it clear that Lukas' scandal has nothing to do with the show. She also told the publication that the show is not scripted.

“What people don't understand is in a reality show the camera does not follow you 24/7 but when the cast meets up with the producers, everything you will see on the show is based on what they tell us. We recreate the conversation on camera or ask them to tell that story on camera. We do not fabricate anything, but we recreate," she said also urging people to support the show.

“We should support the show with the same enthusiasm we throw on other international shows. Let us support local content, this is something new.”

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