Bonang Matheba Is Back Looking As Stunning As Ever!

Queen B Is Back On Instagram Serving Nothing But Looks.

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Bonang Matheba’s latest post has caused her fans and friends to go wild. After winning Woman of the Year by GQ, Bonang Matheba took a short break from Instagram leaving her fans waiting for more. She surprised them all by making an unexpected comeback on the social media platform looking absolutely gorgeous.

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She has been quite active on Twitter, promoting her brand House of BNG. House of BNG has been a passion project of hers which she turned from a dream into reality with its launch in 2019. It has since then been innovating the category and has had continued success in its market. Following its Nectar range, sparkling wine in a can, House of BNG has created an image of luxury and elegance around its name. 

Fans have taken to social media to let the megastar and style icon know how much they enjoy the new range of sparkling wine from House of BNG. She has returned the favour by liking and retweeting their tweets, showing her gratitude and appreciation for their continuous love and support. 

However, she has been missed on Instagram. Posting regularly, she left us all wondering when she took a break from the social media platform. Suspecting a secret holiday, we have all been eagerly waiting for her to come back. With over four million followers, her followers have always reacted positively to her posts, showing their love for the beautiful and stylish Queen B of South Africa.

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Her icy blue look for the GQ award was the last we saw of her until a few days ago. She finally posted on Instagram looking as good as ever. Seemingly going on a ‘dinner date’, Queen B looked beyond amazing sporting a Louis Vuitton dress that hugged her in all the right places. With LV earrings and an LV bag that matched the print of the dress, she took to Instagram showing off her final look for the night.

We could not get enough of her and I'm sure all of us were thrilled to see her back on our timeline. Many commented, telling her how much they missed her and how happy they were to see her posting again. There were a lot of comments talking about how amazing she looked, which cannot be denied. 

The fans were not the only ones that were pleasantly surprised by her comeback. She received lots of love from many stars and public figures as well. They all swarmed the comment section to tell that she looked beautiful and how much she had been missed. 

It seems like her post was worth the wait as she wowed us all with her Louis Vuitton look. We do not need an expert to tell you that she nailed every aspect of that look. From the dress to the purse to the accessories to the nails, she captivated her audience once again. 

She must have surely been overwhelmed and delighted at the reaction she received as she commented a ‘thank you’ to everyone under her post, not being able to reply personally to all the comments. All of us are very excited to see her post again and we hope that she is back on Instagram for good.

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