Black Coffee And AKA Squash Beef

He supported him at his restaurant launch

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Black Coffee showed major support to Super Mega this past weekend at the launched his very own restaurant and night-club called Cuba Lounge BLK. Mega opened a restaurant in Durban, at the Moses Mabhida Stadium complex. In attendance was the DJ himself, and many others.

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The two had previously made amends last year when Black Coffee included him as part of the performers for his concert series Music Is King which took place in Johannesburg and Durban last year December 2019. Four years after beefing, it seems as though the two have set aside their differences and laid their beef to rest.

AKA posted a series of pictures at his launch and many were surprised to see Black Coffee in attendance to support the new restaurant part owner.

Their beef started when AKA dissed Black Coffee and made a very triggering tweet after the Channel O Awards when he said, “Give Black Coffee a hand.” AKA dismissed claims that he was trolling Black Coffee, by saying his tweets were taken out of context.

Assuming that the two had buried the hatchet, the rapper then escalated things when he released a song dissing Black Coffee, with his verse which said he is so dope that even Black Coffee claps for him. That did not sit well with the DJ and his legions of fans. Fast forward a few months later AKA's road manager caught himself getting slapped by Black Coffee back in 2016.

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