Black Coffee Will Return Home On One Condition

Only when men stop doing this.

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Despite his successful career that is always on the rise, Black Coffee has never shied away from speaking his mind and delivering some scathing clapbacks when need be. The DJ is currently in the United Kingdom and when a fan asked when he will be coming back home, let's just say his response was hilarious. 

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The world renowned DJ earned his title as the King of clapbacks because he never shies away from putting trolls in their place. Nobody is off limits, as a mother with a child living with albinism also felt his wrath.

So his shady response to a fan asking when is he returning back home, was expected. A fan noticed Black Coffee's current location and asked him will he be returning soon. Coffee said he will return only when the men doing the umlando dance challenge are done twerking.

"Not yet, will be back when the gents are done with this twerking challenge," he said.

Black Coffee's response Image credit: everytingsamusic on Instagram

The umlando dance challenge came about when a male TikToker moved his hips along with the catchy beat of the song, Umlando. He did this shirtless and ladies expressed their approval of this dance. Soon it gained traction, like every good dance challenge, and many more men started doing the challenge.

Soon, ladies as well joined in but Mzansi agreed that only men are permitted to doing it. These ladies include Lady Du, who is featured on the song and Dineo Ranaka who failed to impress.

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