Behati Prinsloo Ambassadorship Celebrated

‘Together, we can change the world.’

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The Namibian model, Behati Prinsloo,  has been amongst the celebrated for their ambassadorship and awareness campaigns to saving Namibian Rhinos from poaching. 

She joined forces with the Save The Rhino Trust Namibia as a global ambassador and has started her own campaign in support of the organisation. She has helped the trust gain millions of shares worldwide.

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This was made possible because of the role she played in promoting the work of the Save the Rhino Trust on World Ranger Day. For that, they see it fitting to celebrate the model for the massive contribution and the global support they have gained. 

She recently wrote an opinion piece on CNN to raise more awareness on this campaign. In the article she says, “While Namibia and its black rhinos may be a world away for many, this is a pattern that has a devastating domino effect. It's easy for the extinction of one species to escalate to 1 million, if people from all corners of the world aren't open to learning what they can do, no matter how small, to save nature.”

She has been very vocal on the matter and how people who are not directly affected can make a massive impact in saving Black Rhinos from extinction. 

For a population of black rhinos on the brink of extinction, Namibia is home to the largest population of free-roaming black rhinos left on earth. 

The one aspect of this illegal activity is how there is a clear division of classes. The consumers of the rhino horns are getting richer and the nationals getting their hands dirty get paid very little and face jail time. 

“Here, impoverished individuals are being exploited, convinced to trade the life of a rhino for a few hundred dollars.”

Her fight to save the rhinos is quite justified and we hope someone out there is listening to her plea. Let's save the rhinos!

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