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It's time we all played a role in society and save the rhinos

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Namibian Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo has the opportunity to speak on a matter that is very sensitive and affects all of us on the famous Ellen DeGeneres show yesterday. The 31-year-old model supermodel took to the show and spoke about her involvement in the Save the Rhino Trust and also tackled how people can be aware of the matter as well as to take part.

Before hitting the big screens, her husband singer Adam Lavine hyped up his wife on Instagram, asking his followers to tune into the show and be part of the moment in a caption that read:

Help me and @behatiprinsloo save the rhinos @savetherhinonamibia and watch her talk about it tomorrow on @theellenshow!!! So proud and so excited to do what we can to save these majestic and incredible animals for the generations to come!#pinkhairDOEScare #savetherhinos!!

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On the show, Behati spoke about her trip to Namibia, telling Ellen that it made sense for her to be a part of this organization as her parents live in Namibia.

Bahati on the Ellen Show

'So I joined Save the Rhino Trust and we went down there and we had a crazy trip. We met amazing people doing incredible things for these animals. We all know poaching is going on, and devastating things are happening, but I just wanted to join and make a difference, use my voice to let people know, spread awareness,' she said.

Behati added that the rhinos are being poached for their hair, which, in certain Asian countries, having rhino hair is a 'form of status,' along with medicinal uses.

Behati recently came from a trip to Namibiae

'So they think it will cure anything from a headache to cancer, which is not true. They do de-horning now, basically let the animal bleed to death, and then sell it on the black market.'

She also added that she is part of the team putting in the effort so that humans are not the reason Rhinos will be extinct one day.

'It's just really sad, and I feel like we as human beings are doing this. And we can stop it. So we can't be the reason they go extinct,' she said.

Save the RhinoTrust member Behati speaking on the importance of saving the rhinos

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