Babes Confirms Pregnancy

She will also be suing her mother-in-law

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Babes Wodumo has decided to take further action against her mother-in-law after she cussed her and her family on tape. Speaking to Daily News, Babes revealed that she will be suing Zama Gumede who spilled the beans on the Simelanes.

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After the wedding, which she was not invited to, Gumede called her daughter-in-law a b**ch who fakes her own pregnancy. Babes will be taking further action against her, just to teach her a lesson.

“I am going to press charges against her for humiliating me in public and for swearing at me. I don't understand why she is dragging my name in the mud,” she told the publication.

According to sources, Babes is apparently six months pregnant  but her mother-in-law does not believe so.

“I am pregnant, whether she likes it or not. If she has problems with it, she must deal with it. I am hurt about this. I know most of the things she says when she is drunk should not be taken seriously, but this time she has gone too far. I am going to press charges against her. I want her to clear my name.”

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