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Award winning songbird Annastasia Linus, popularly known as Ann Singer is finally ready to spill the beans on her 2nd album.

Born in the capital of Namibia, she made a name for herself after winning 4 awards at the 2016 NAMAs. We had a chat with her to learn more about her new album which she hopes to release next month.

How has your music journey been so far?

The journey has been nothing but incredible and amazing. After my contract with Deal Done ended in 2016, I signed with Mabala Noise in South Africa and my contract with them ended a couple of months ago. I’m currently doing my own thing and it’s a roller-coaster but all worth it. I wouldn’t change any of my experiences for anything

How is this album different to your debut album ‘Bulletproof’?

Bulletproof was an introduction of Ann, with this new album I’ve stripped myself and told my truth on all the songs. I’ve also used other people’s experiences to write some of the songs on the album. There’s also a bit more live elements to he album. I’ve grown, not lyrically, vocally but  also as an individual.

If you had to choose, which track from the new album is your favorite?

My favorite track is Yaye. It speaks of 18-year-old me, on how I’d fallen pregnant. It’s for 18-year-old me speaking on the regrets at that point and how I should have listened. I love it because I say out loud word’s I couldn’t back then

Any features you’d like to mention?

I’d like for it to be a surprise, but there’s a feature from Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia

What are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for everything this past year. Last year I performed in Europe, visited Coke Studios, I also attended the Music in Africa Music Conference in Nairobi and it was amazing. I’ve been performing a lot and it is nothing short of amazing, Thank you to all the fans for being so patient with me and for all the support. A new chapter is about to unfold and I’m excited.

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