Amushelelo To Bless Top Cheri

You won't believe what he has offered to do for the female rapper

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Top Cheri's music career is on an upward trajectory and it is a beautiful sight to watch.

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The rapper closed off 2020 on a good note and 2021 is off to a great start as she is receiving blessings galore in her illustrious music career. Top Cheri took to social media to reveal that she recently received a call from Namibian self-proclaimed forex expert Michael Amushelelo, who has congratulated her, after the music video for her hit song Calling Heaven, recently amassed 1 million views on YouTube.

In a tweet, the musician said Amushelelo said he should forward him an invoice for a fully paid album and one video, talk about levels and being blessed.

"Beloveds Amushelelo just called me ... he called to congratulate me on my 1 Million Views. He also added that I should forward him an invoice for a fully paid album and one video! Thank you Bossa,"
she wrote.
To say Top Cheri has been making boss moves would be an understatement. The musician is closing off the year how she started it- winning! Top Cheri has been raising the bar high in the local music scene since she shot fame. With her latest album titled Tithe, she is definitely cementing herself as Namibia's favorite female rapper.

The musician recently dropped the 15 track album and her legion of fans have been giving it thumbs up.

The rapper who has been in the entertainment industry for several years now has solidified herself as a household name with a legion of fans. Despite her wins, she is also sometimes subjected to hate on social media. Top Cheri has had to develop a thick skin on the mistreatment she continues to receive and she remains unshaken and she is here to stay.

Her fans hailed Amushelelo for his kind gesture. The forex trader also had a rough 2020 after he hogged the headlines following his arrest in a case of culpable homicide. According to The Namibian, he was arrested after a warrant of arrest was issued for a case linked to a 2010 accident he caused, which claimed the life of one person.

Amushelelo was convicted but he failed to follow the conditions surrounding his release. In an Instagram, post-Amushelelo confirmed that he was released and thanked everyone who supported him: "I was released a few hours ago.
It’s clear that some people are having sleepless nights all because of Michael Ndali Saddam Amushelelo. Once again thank you to everyone who supported me during these times."

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