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"If you're doing it for the right reasons, you will survive."

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Female DJs are slowly dominating the DJ booths at clubs and events, and the industry is forced to recognize. For the longest time the stigma associated with women not being able to work with each other, or women being very difficult to work with is drastically being disregarded.

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Namibia's favourite turntable duo Afroberries has been keeping the streets buzzing with their energy and amazing talent not to mention workmanship. The duo is made up of DJ Alba and DJ Maggz, two DJs who started off as solo acts, fused their talents and changed the game.

DJ Alba and DJ Maggz

To completely understand what the buzz is about, you would have to witness their sets to understand why they are DJying in almost every event every weekend.

DJ Alba

Describing herself as a modest woman stemming from her childhood, where she would often keep to herself and focus on music as a way of expressing herself. She was born in Swakopmund. Like any music lover, she thought her talent lied in singing, however being the introvert that she is, she learnt that there are other ways of making music and stick to her passion. She started DJing in university at Unam, where she would do gigs at Unam radio and later got booked to do live sets. She is also a student with a full time job.

DJ Maggz

Maggz started DJing after High School where she moved to Walvis Bay, however she had dreams of radio presenting, but found her passion in being a DJ. She moved to Windhoek later where she enrolled at the College of The Arts and from there on, her career as a DJ took off. Her very first gig was performing  at a kasi party and she later got a bigger gig to perform at Fashion Bar.

The birth of Afroberries

They met each other in 2013 where they were DJing at a similar event. They later formed a good relationship and saw an opportunity to form Afroberries Media. When they started off the industry was dominated by men and getting majority of the bookings, leaving female DJs at the back burner. However, their fame quickly grew and they started getting the recognition they deserved.

The duo sometimes work as individuals and get booked at the same time, but in different events. Their work relationship is not affected because of the amount of respect each has for their own hustles. Proving that women can work together.
Their biggest performance was at the NAMAs and the Crayfish festival.


The women have DJs who they look up to and have helped them improve their skills and surviving the dog-eat-dog industry. DJ Armstrong from Angola taught them the basics. DJ Romeo mentored the duo and Doctatainment booked Alba for her first gig. Others include DJ Hou Vas, MiCassa and Rodney Taylor.

Helping other women

They are particularly very vested in helping other female DJs in the industry seeing their struggles when they started off. They held workshops in 2017 where they taught women the basics and shared a bit of their knowledge on how to survive the industry.

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