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The country cannot stop raving about Adora's latest offering Beneath The Surface. The 7-track Afro Fusion EP was released today and fans are as excited as we are. 

As per her Instagram bio, Adora is a multi-award winning Singer, Perfomer, Brand Influencer, Make-up Artist, TV Show Host, MC, Biker and a Radio Presenter. 

She recently tapped into her music bone with her latest offering and her fans are living it so far. 

Her final track in the EP Naxute addresses gender based violence, a pandemic which has affected many households in the country and neighboring countries as well. 

"As a victim of physical,mental and emotional abuse, no amount of time is ever enough to heal from it. HEY LOVER is my final letter to my abuser." 
Adora once spoke about what it's like in the industry and why she went to television presenting. A popular Instagram page, Nam Hot Tea ignited a debate on Instagram about Namibian artists not doing well because they do not market their work properly despite producing quality content.

Adora commnted: "THANK YOU FOR THIS INSIGHTFUL POST! I instantly stopped scrolling when I saw this and I took a moment to read it all. Very important information that we can easily miss especially if you are like me, hands on deck with ALLES, all by yourself."

Adora added that her own career fell apart, because of the COVID-19 pandemic stating that it was one of the major causes.

"My entire career was self-managed and it was enough till I got a whole team around me. I was convinced I knew it all and I was right on track and I didn’t realize I was just hitting the ceiling till I was surrounded by amazing creatives who were ready to help me grow and take over everything!

"Sadly all that came to a bitter end and now I’m picking up the pieces and doing this all over again, all by myself. It’s easy to say we should hire, but I’m speaking for myself here. But Covid years took away too much and now I am literally on survival mode and that’s very dangerous because you won’t pay attention to the finer details," she added.

Adora said her willingness to learn helped her, "I found this extremely helpful and I am always ready to learn. There’s a very fine line between positively criticizing and just trolling others while they try so hard. In the end, it’s entirely up to us to take it as positive criticism or not. Growth is the end goal and this was perfect timing."

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