Adora Kisting's Net Worth, Music Career, Media Career, And Philanthropy

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Adora Kisting
Born in January 1990, Lilani Kisting better known by her stage name- Adora Kisting, is a multi-talented artist. She is an award-winning musician, TV Show host, a brand influencer, make-up artist, and MC.

This article discusses Adora Kisting’s net worth, her music, television and radio careers which are her main revenue streams, and her works of philanthropy.

What is Adora Kisting’s net worth?

The exact value of Adora Kisting’s net worth has not been provided, although sources seem to agree that she is doing well.

Adora Kisting’s music career

Adora Kisting, source: Instagram

Adora Kisting who is the last born in a family of five children comes from a musical family where both her father- Paul Kisting and brother are also singers.

When she was six years old, Adora showed interest in music and her father who is a pastor took her to join the youth choir in a church at Okahandja where he worked.

In addition to her inborn talent, Adora also took piano lessons at the College of the Arts in Windhoek and she also went for vocal training in classical music.   

In 2006, the beautiful songstress officially launched her music career when she recorded her first song together with her father and brother whom she has always credited as her biggest supporters in her musical journey.

She collaborated with Sally Boss Madam in 2015 to release the hit song Ahaweh which was an instant success in the country which was followed by her debut album As I Am which was also a massive success and saw her performing in at least 45 venues across Namibia.

In 2019, Adora released her second album Rise which also received massive appreciation from fans and once again saw her perform across the country.

Adora Kisting’s net worth has been built from her success in the music industry and this success can be attributed to her beautiful voice combined with the ability to deliver lyrics that resonate well with her fans. 

Adora Kisting’s television career

Adora Kisting, source: Instagram

Challenged by her manager to explore her other talents, Adora Kisting ventured into the television industry and landed a job as a host for an entertainment show called Die Eintllike Vibe in 2020.
In a past interview, Adora revealed that she wasn’t professionally qualified to be a television presenter but she was very passionate about it and indeed she nailed the show.

Adora Kisting's radio career

In February 2022, Adora Kisting added the title “radio host” to her growing list of titles after she landed a gig at 99FM.

Along with building her profile, Adora Kisting’s net worth is also set to increase with her growing revenue streams. 

Adora Kisting’s philanthropy

Alongside her works in the entertainment and media industries, Adora Kisting is also a philanthropist who gives back to her community.

She is an ambassador of a charitable foundation called The Omake Charity Initiative which works with unemployed youth, pensioners and school-going children in Namibia who cannot afford basic commodities like food, school uniforms, blankets and sanitary pads.
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