Adora Kisting Biography: Age, Education, Early Life, Career, Controversy, Philantrhopy

From musician to a presenter, she's everyone's fave.

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Multifaceted Namibian songstress turned TV host, Adora Kisting, is really the epitome of 'hard work pays off'. She has managed to capture the hearts of many with her incredible vocals since she rose to stardom. Adora is a female RnB and soul artist from Namibia.

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Adora has cut her teeth in numerous avenues of the Arts and she is leaving no stone unturned. She keeps on exploring her talents.

Here's a look at her biography.

Adora Age

Adora Education

Attending primary school at Okahandja and then in Windhoek before being shipped to a boarding school at Omaruru, the vocalist made a return to the capital to finish her school career at Hochland High School.

Grade 6 Vocal Training, College of the Arts (Additional: Proffesional Beautician)

Adora Early Life

She was named Lilani Kisting and Adora is derived from the English word 'Adorable'. She is the second last born in a family of five and she grew up in a Christian home as her father is a pastor.

Adora who hails from Keetmanshoop said, her music career started in primary school and, she was very lucky because she grew around musicians in her family.

"The fondest childhood memories always involve my family. I remember being a toddler always going to choir rehearsals with my father. My dad was a very active youth leader and taught music to many. I grew up amongst musicians and that's what I remember most." she said during an interview with NAlebrity

Adora Career

Adora says her first time in the music industry was launched by her father who would use her in a number of projects that he was involved in.

β€œHe taught a song to the a youth choir at Okahandja and I had to do a solo with them. That was my first ever appearance in that field,” she reminisces.

Her first studio recording was in 2006 and she did it along with her brother and father, who made up the family trio. Her father was always always present whenever she was recording or getting ready for a performance. She said he's always been her support system.

In 2015, she released a single with Sally Boss Madam that was titled 'Ahaweh' which was an instant hit in the country.

She released her debut album which is titled "As I Am" which saw her have 45 performances across the country in 2017 proving the success of the album. In 2019 she released her album 'Rise' that saw her go on tour in the country.

As always, Adora did not disappoint when she released her hit single 'Sponono' that was produced by Kallo on the Beat. 'Tsanana Tsao' was the hit single that had everyone in their festive mood because Adora always releases great music. Together with Profit and Kalux, they gave their fans what they had always wanted, the 'Mamase' remix.

In 2020 she released her hit single, Sida Di Xun and she collaborated with Jayden and they released 'Remind You'.

Adora started off as a musician full-time and she later ventured into television presenting. She decided to venture into TV presenting, because her manager AB Pro and label mate Tulisan, wanted her to explore new things and expand her horizons in the entertainment space.

"I am not even anywhere near qualified to be a presenter but, the passion is there. I had no clue of what a presenter is supposed to do really, but I've been following some very prominent presenters and to practice, I would imitate them sometimes." she reiterated. 

She's the host of one of Namibian coolest and freshest music show, Die Eintllike Vibe. The entertainment show, features numerous interviews with artists and has become a fan-favourite for many Namibians. It is a platform to showcase local talent in the country.

Adora Controversy

Adora was once slammed for her controversial remarks she made on the Informante Breakfast Show radio interview. The star referred to artists from the South of the country as "unprofessional and drunkards".

She said they drink a lot and end up not fulfilling their duties.Adora further said the main reason why artists from Aawambo are doing great in the industry is because they are professional and have sober tendencies.

However her remarks did not sit well with the The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) youth slammed about β€œmy people" on the interview . In a statement leased by the movements leader Duminga Ndala said such words are tribalism because they mention that a specific tribe is better than the other.

A fight once erupted between Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) church members that resulted in the songstress’s name being dragged into it. A woman claimed she was attacked by Adora, suggesting that she was involved in the fight between church members.

However, Adora simply dismissed it as β€˜an agenda of tribalism, harassment, defamation of character, threats, and a spread of malicious rumours.’ She said the brawl between the church members had been ongoing for a long time and many people had known about it.

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Adora Philanthropy

In 2019, Adora went on a mission to revive edutainment is schools around Namibia. She was giving performances for free and she performed at schools such as the Okahandja Secondary School, Immanuel Shifidi, Jan Jonker and many more.

Speaking to Nalebrity, Adora said, "when we grew up, schools used to have a combination of different extra fun activities. We had talent shows, karaoke nights. Therefore in the begging of the year we have set a certain budget aside so that we are able to team up  with schools to bring edutainment to them."

The aim was basically to just have fun with the school kids through freestyling and giving them an opportunity to be able to engage more in person with her and fellow musician Tulisan.

Adora has proven time and time again that she's a force to be reckoned with and fans cannot wait to see what she has in store next.

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