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Television presenter, RnB, and soul singer Adora Kisting has scored her first radio presenting gig.
She has reportedly scored a slot on 99FM. According to the New Era Newspaper, the singer told VIBEZ that she had temporarily worked at 99FM before.

She said, "I stood in for one of the 99FM presenters for a week or so and they asked me to co-host for one day. After that, they saw potential in me and thought I could do well and started training me.”

Adora also shared that for her radio is more calming than being on stage. She said listeners can expect her to be authentic and truthful to everyone when they listen to 99 FM.

 “There is a lot that I need to adapt to such as timetables and schedules worked out for me. With music, it was always when I felt creative or feeling some type of way, then I would go to the studio. But this is very exciting for me and a big change. I have never gone beyond my comfort zone, which is something I’m looking forward to,” she shared.

 She added that the team at 99 has also been helpful and supportive which makes her job much easier. She continued, “My personality is not different but how you address your listeners is different; the kind of language, content, and words you can and can’t use is different. Also, separating the performer from a radio presenter has been a bit of a challenge, but the talent developer at TribeFire Studios is amazing; the whole team there is very helpful and is guiding me one step at a time,” the publication quoted her
In 2020, Adora scored her first TV gig as a presenter for Die Eintllike Vibe. Speaking to us about the exciting gig the star said, "I am not even anywhere near qualified to be a presenter but, the passion is there. I had no clue of what a presenter is supposed to do really, but I've been following some very prominent presenters and to practice, I would imitate them sometimes."

She also revealed how Die Eintllike Vibe came about saying, "It was actually our very own initiative, My manager, AB Pro, co-host Tulisan and I own full rights to the TV Show and this actually came about when we realized that our music was not on high rotation on the radio station and more specifically on TV.

" At some point, we felt that our work was sidelined quite a lot, we don't really know why, but that prompted us to come up with our very own platform where we choose what plays for every episode. Little did we know, this was gonna be a platform to create the very same opportunities for the wider industry," she told Nalebrity.

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