5 Times Betty Davids Stole Everyone’s Hearts

She’s got us wrapped around her finger

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There’s nothing like a relatable mom! Namibian socialite Betty Davids took to Instagram to express how sad she was, when she left her baby at home for work, as she was expected to report for duty today for the first time since she gave birth to her bundle of joy. Betty said she has been panicking thinking about how her bundle of joy is doing at home because she has never left him behind before. The socialite said she called her babysitter 10 times to find out how the baby is doing.

She’s setting the standard for new moms! Betty Davids had Namibians green with envy when she revealed the ''push gift'' she got from her man on social media. She took to Instagram to thank her man for giving her a present after she gave birth. ''Thank you baby for the PUSH GIFT. We loveeeee it & we loveeeee you'' she shared on social media. As soon as the socialite and entrepreneur revealed her gift, Namibians on social media started praising and celebrating with Betty Davids for the gift she got.

There were however some salty followers, who started questioning her education, they dug deep into Betty David's history and some people even resorted to calling NATIS to ask whether Betty Davids really owned the vehicle her man bough for her.
She’s motivating us ALL to snap back after lockdown! Taking to her Instagram Betty showed off her body and she looks way better than we expected - as if she didn't give birth a few months ago. The influencer said she gained some weight but she is still a yummy mommy.
 Betty posted a snap wearing a dress that perfectly fits her and shows off her sexy body. She captioned her post "Some maternity weight," followed by a man with sunglasses emoji sticker. 

We are all along for this romantic ride! The big news was revealed by Dillish Mathews, who flaunted a wedding invitation she received from Betty David. The wedding invite was delivered to Dillish's house and she said she cannot wait to attend the highly-anticipated wedding.
As lovebirds celebrated their love on Valentine's day, social media was abuzz with Betty's fans waiting in anticipation of her Valentine's content with her bae but she did not post anything.
Saving the best for last, sis has decided to invite her close family, friends and colleagues to her wedding. The wedding date and venue have not yet been made public but we cannot wait to see the glitz and glamour from their big day.

Influencer and socialite Beata Siteketa, known as Betty Davids is fuming fire after the spokesperson of Independent Patriots for Change Immanuel Nashinge, recently made defamatory remarks against and she has taken him to court for defamation of character
Betty trended on Twitter, this follows after Immanuel reportedly called her a prostitute and she has decided to let the law take its course. Betty dragged him to court and demanded that he pays N$40 000 for his slandering comments. Immanuel was also called to unconditionally retract his statement and apologize to Betty for his defamatory remarks.
Betty was apparently called a prostitute in a WhatsApp group with regards to a flyer shared on social media of an interview Betty recently had with Nungula Uaanjja of Namibian Investment Promotion Agency about investments.

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