Top Controversial Music Moments In Namibia

These were big problems in the industry

By  | Oct 29, 2020, 02:04 PM 

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There are some moments in Namibian music history that were troublesome and very controversial. Some of them launched careers and in some cases careers were ended. The public was divided and there was a lot of beef and worry for some artists.

The Dogg and Gazza-The great beef of Namibia

King Tee Dee and Gazza arguably one of the biggest and most successful artists of Namibia long ago had the most daring and deadliest of beefs in Namibian music history. A beef that can only be compared to that of Tupac and Notorius B.IG’s saw the two artists go back and forth with public spats from both artists for a very long time. Even fans and local music enthusiasts were fighting against each other. In the early 2000s the industry was divided into two camps: Mshasho vs GMP. Fights would erupt at shows as fans wanted to prove who the best was between the two.. This beef is credit and regarded as the catalyst that drove both artists into their stardom and is believed to be one of the main reasons why they are so successful besides the hit songs they’ve released over the years. They've since buried the beef and are cool with each other.

2.       The Dogg-“Swallow the blade”

Namibian artist Martin Morocky better known by his stage name “The Dogg” is a towering music figure. He is very provocative and that is why he is on this list. During the infancy of his career and at the “take-off” of his musical journey he said something that shook the whole industry during an award acceptance speech. While collecting the 2007 Sanlam/NBC Artists of the Year Award he decided to take shots at a few of his “harers” and took to the national platform to let them know how successful he was and why they couldn’t keep him down. During a highly publicised speech he let his haters know how much he hated them by telling them to “Swallow the blade”. In his autobiography “The Dogg: Untold Story” the artist went on to explain that the statement was taken out of proportion by the media and that he was given free publicity that made him a topical figure in the industry for a few weeks. “I would say the same thing all over gain, but this time I would probably add more fire. So in that regard, I have no regret for having said that,” said The Dogg about the statement in his book. The Dogg’s statement set a precedent for many artists to say whatever they want during award ceremonies and at events

3.       Lady May-“Good Night motherfuckers”

In true Lady May fashion she stunned the whole Namibian nation when she flashed a “fuck you” and a middle finger to old and young Namibians who were watching the 2011 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMA). The artist who is well known for her seductive stage performances and luxuriate outfits stole the NAMAs that year when she was full on “Gaga mode”. While accepting an award for best house for her song “Zoom-Zoom” the artist thanked God, her management and her fans and then committed the “act” saying “Good night motherfuckers” to the audience and walked off stage leaving the audience in shock. I think it was a light heated moment and something which she didn’t really mean but it was something that really affected her career. Her career has since been in shambles and she is not as popular as she used to be…but then again this might be due to something else.

What are some controversial moments we failed to mention?
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