Top Cheri On Her Relationship With Late Dad And Siblings

She met her late father twice

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 12:32 PM  | TopCheri 

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Award-winning female rapper Top Cheri has taken to social media to open up about her relationship with her late dad.

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An interesting conversation ensued on Twitter when Top Cheri asked her fans if they speak to their siblings from their deadbeat dads. The rapper said she met her father twice before he passed on, when she was 14 years and the second time at his funeral.

Top Cheri she really wanted to meet her dad and said she only sees her siblings on social media but she is not on speaking terms with them.

"Let's talk about bonds with siblings/family from a “deadbeat Father” like are you guys cool? you bond? Like how does it work? I met my Fathers, kids, twice. The first time I was like 14 and really wanted to meet him, the second time was his funeral. I see em on the socials mara," she wrote.

Top Cheri has been doing great in the industry despite challenges she may have encountered whilst growing up. She recently took to social media to post a video of her performance at the Namibia Annual Music Awards in 2019 causing us all to feel nostalgic.

Top Cheri performed at the awards show and her performance left many begging for more. Homegirl also won two awards, for the Best Newcomer and Album of the Year award.

Last year she released her album titled Tithe and it did well, The musician's Calling Heaven has also been a chart-topping song since it was released. In just a year, the record has amassed over 1 million Youtube views, making her Namibia's first female artist, to reach this milestone, talk about levels.

The star recently took to her Twitter account to share news of her great achievement and thanked her fans. Top Cheri's fans have been crossing fingers that the video reaches 1 million views and finally the universe has responded. The musician is proof that dreams are valid and she keeps on soaring and climbing the ladder of success.

The musician is no stranger to tackling burning issues affecting her fans and creating awareness around them. She has won the hearts of several people with her honesty, talent, and how she continues to be a beacon of hope to many people.

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