Top Cheri To Provide Sanitary Products to School Girls.

She will be doing a school tour

By  | Oct 26, 2020, 09:10 AM 

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Namibian artist Top Cheri continues her good deeds in 2020 and this time she will be doing a tour to provide Sanitary pads/products to school girls around Namibia.

Just recently she was a part of the protests in Namibia against gender based violence perpetrated against women and children. She was one of the most vocal artists and called on many others to take part in the protests too. Now she is going to address a serious issue in Namibia, Period Poverty which affects 1 in 10 girls because they drop out of school or miss certain classes due to the fact that they cannot afford sanitary products.

She revealed on Twitter that she is going to travel to all 14 regions in Namibia to donate Sanitary Products. ''I’m traveling to all the Regions in Namibia delivering Sanitary Pads to little girls who can’t afford them. Let’s keep the girl child in school!'' she shared.

Another artist Top Cheri can work with is Chikune who is also championing through her Tax Free Period Namibia campaign to remove value added tax from Sanitary products in Namibia. The two can definitely make a huge change if they team up.
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