Top Cheri Has Plans to Improve Lives Of Namibian Girls

She shares how people can help Namibian girls

By  | Nov 04, 2020, 08:52 AM 

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Top Cheri has shared plans on how she thinks female musicians can contribute towards improving the lives of Namibian girls. The artist is on a tour around Namibia where she is donating sanitary products to Namibian school girls.

In a tweet she highlighted that Namibian female artists can work on charity shows where they can donate some of the proceeds they make from the shows to fund for the buying of sanitary products that can be donated to school girls in Namibia. ''I’m calling on all Female Artists. My dear Queens ... Let’s do Monthly shows to raise money that goes into buying sanitary items for girls in Rural areas.'' she tweeted.

She also pointed out that fashion designers and nail technicians can contribute by letting their customers bring in pads for a discounted fee. The pads will be donated towards her initiative.
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