Top Cheri And DJ Spuzza Argue Over YouTube Views

A little misunderstanding

By  | Nov 03, 2020, 09:32 AM 

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When DJ Spuzza tweeted about his most recent YouTube accomplishment about soek soek remix reaching of 100 000 YouTube views in 3 days he got into an entanglement over who has the most views in a short period of time on YouTube with Top Cheri.

When the DJ twitter how grateful he was, he mentioned that it might have been the first time it was done in the history of music in Namibia on YouTube. ''Soek Soek's remix just touched over 100 000 views in 3days which makes this something that has never been done in the history of Namibian Music and mind you the kid that did it is a DJ! Guys this is my second MV of the same song. Dankie Namibia.'' he tweeted.

Top Cheri interjected Dj Spuzza and corrected him and said she infact had the most views in one day for view on YouTube with Omapendafule having reached 155 000 views in one day. ''Omapendafule got 155K in a day. But I’m still proud of you.'' she tweeted

Spuzza than corrected himself and said in his original tweet he referred to his achievement being the first for a Dj in Namibia. ''There is a reason why I said "and mind you the kid that did it is a DJ" lees tog my mense (Please read my people).''he said.

The two cleared up their mini issue and Top Cheri called Spuzza a friend of hers.

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