Kenyan Celebs Gone Wild ... Again!

2021 was really crazy

By  | Jan 07, 2022, 08:27 PM

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Happy new year to you and yours, we could not have been happier that you made it this far! 2021 was undeniably one of the rockiest years for many of us, but here we are, we made it to the other side! This new year has definitely started off with such a wave of positivity and optimism, and that is the only energy we are accepting this year, nothing less. Beginnings always come along with the opportunity for both change and reflection so in reflecting on 2021, here are a few of our highs and lows from our Kenyan favs that you may have missed.

Musical Milestones

Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol, held and performed at the country's largest festival of the year. The two-day festival was called 'SolFest,' and tickets to the event were sold out well ahead of time. The band in collaboration with other partners, organized an all-Kenyan line-up for the anticipated festival. Due to COVID restrictions, this festival was also the first time the Sauti Sol was able to perform their album Midnight Train live on stage in Kenya in front of a Kenyan audience, so best believe the excitement was unparalleled!
Another milestone that Kenyan audiences experienced was media personality Diana Marua debuting her journey as a rapper. Diana made headlines with the release of her first song, Hatutaachana and soon after it dropped, she made history by becoming the first Kenyan female rapper to reach 1 million views on YouTube. This milestone not only shocked her but also left her industry peers in awe.

Celebrity Breakups

It goes without saying that breakups are hurtful and often leave people broken, however, this may sound a little cruel but, the messier the breakup the more entertainment for us. Unfortunately 2021 saw a few of our fav Kenyan celebrity couples go their separate ways and these two break ups topped the list of messy.
Michelle Ntalami and Makena Njeri who are both media personalities called it quits. The couple knew how to deliver whenever it came to serving up couple goals content. Their public affection for each other that included cute Instagram posts, vacation videos and grand birthday celebrations, quickly led to them becoming a fan favorite. What topped it all off for many was the fact that the couple were (or are) proud members of the LGBTQ community. Fans were definitely disappointed to hear that their love story had come to such an abrupt end and one one saw it coming. However the shocker came when Michelle detailed that the reason they broke up was because Makena was unfaithful during the course of their relationship.
Another breakup that sent shock waves around the Kenyan community was County Governor Alfred Mutua and his long time girlfriend Lilian Nganga. The couple had dated for several years and their love story was nothing short of a fairytale, well from the outside. Unfortunately, In August last year, the Lilian took to her Instagram to let fans know that she had given up her title as the first lady of Machakos and her and the governor were no longer together. As if this wasn't enough of a shocker, after their breakup, the governor requested Lilian to refund all the things he had bought and given her over the course of the relationship. Talk about messy.

Rape Allegations 

Youtuber and media personality Diana Marua shocked fans and foes alike when she dropped a YouTube video on her channel accusing her long time nemesis and fellow musician Willy Paul of sexual assault. Diana took to her channel and shared the harrowing experience that left many speechless. Her video not only broke the internet but it also broke our hearts. Although many fans and fellow celebs rallied behind her and showed her support, there were others who rallied behind Willy Paul and rubbished her claims
So much happened that we couldn’t capture in this article but you can read more here