Kenya’s Male Fashionistas

They should give us a tip or two!

By  | Jan 21, 2022, 06:57 PM

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Dressing well is a form of good manners’ - Tom Ford

Men have recently begun to take fashion seriously, giving more time and effort to their style and look. Fashion has long been considered a woman's realm, but in recent years, men have begun to pull up their socks, spending more time and effort on their style and looks. It's fantastic to see an increasing number of males expressing their personalities and creativity through their clothing.

We have put together a list of Kenya's most fashionable celebs in no particular order.

King Kaka

The first on the list is Kennedy Ombima, also known as King Kaka or Rabbit. For more than a decade, the singer songwriter has been making waves in the entertainment industry with songs like 'Dundaing' and 'Cheza Chini.' When it comes to a flawlessly designed fitted suit, King Kaka never disappoints, which is why he makes this list. His music and style reflect his temperament as a gentleman with a hint of cheeky.

Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is a Kenyan comedian who labels himself as "Africa's President of Comedy." The actor has established a name for himself in the industry and has dabbled in a variety of fields, including music. Eric isn't afraid to try new things, which has made him a highly controversial figure in the entertainment sector, especially in recent years. Despite the controversies, the entertainer has a unique personality that is undoubtedly reflected in his dressing. Eric dresses in the craziest clothes that honestly, only he could pull off.

Khaligraph Jones

The next person on our list is Brian Ouko Robert. Brian, who goes by the stage name Khaligraph Jones, is a Kenyan rapper who we like to call Papa Jones. Khaligraph is all hits and no misses when it comes to music and fashion, especially when it comes to high-end apparel. The musician is always well-dressed and often sports fashionable designer labels. Papa Jones is known for being a "bad boy, rich boy," and his style and songs reflect this. As a result, one of our favorite lyricists has made the cut.

Willy Paul 

Another recording artist on our list is Willy Paul, real name Wilson Abubakar Radido. Willy Paul is either absolutely loved or absolutely disliked; there is no middle ground. This is because the musician is almost always entangled in some sort of a scandal. That, however, does not negate the reality that he is a musical genius with impeccable an dress sense. For that reason, he has earned a place on our list.

What are some of your favorite stylish men on the red carpet?