East African Celebs Accused Of Stealing

Money and fame was not enough

By  | Mar 02, 2022, 05:09 PM

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There’s a famous Indian saying that goes 'A thief is a thief, whether he steals a diamond or a cucumber'.

Majority of the time, celebrity, power, and money can transform a person in an instant. Celebrities, politicians, and influential people in Kenya, on the other hand, have demonstrated that these things do not truly change a person. They have demonstrated that things remain the same no matter how much they change. 

There are countless reasons why people choose to steal. Some people steal because they are hungry, while others steal because they are broke or are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Individuals who steal for no apparent cause, on the other hand, simply lack or ignore the barrier of conscience or discomfort that prevents the majority of society from stealing and taking what is not theirs.

Interestingly enough, it's not shocking that some, though not all, of our favorite celebrities and personalities have a tendency to steal. What amazes us, though, is what these celebrities chose to steal.

Take a look at some of our favorite Kenyan celebrity thieves.

Topping off the list we have socialite and media personality Amber Ray. Most people can agree that there isn't a week that goes by  where the controversial Amber is making news headlines for some reason or another. However our favorite headline was when Ms. Ray decided to 'steal' herself someone else's husband. Talk about MESSY. Amber did not let the fact that her boyfriend, prominent businessman Jimal Roho Safi, was a married man when they began dating. Their controversial love affair continued and even led to rumors of Amber becoming Jamal’s second wife. What a dramatic love triangle!

Another celeb is Bahati, a popular musician, who has secured his spot on the list of celebrity thieves. The gospel singer was recently accused of stealing his popular song Dear Ex from an up and coming artist who goes by the name Kay S. Fans got wind of all this tea when Edgar Obare, a local Kenyan gossip blogger revealed receipts from Kay S detailing how Bahati had stolen the music. In the receipts Kay S went on to detail how Bahati was trying to cover up and destroy all evidence that linked him to the crime. However, fans were left hanging and had more questions than answers when Kay S suddenly disappeared following his accusations.

Closing off the list we have media personality Mwalimu Rachel. Rachel is a popular radio host and although many of her fans may not know this, Rachel has found herself tangled in a number of shady activities that have even landed her in hot soup. The personality was accused of violently attacking a man, and robbing him of goods worth KSH. 103,000/- . A plot twist no one saw coming! Rachel was due to have her day in court back in 2020 but we are yet to hear anything on that case.