AKA Has Dated All These Celebrities

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By  | Jan 19, 2022, 04:18 PM

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There's no denying that Kiernan Forbes, professionally known as AKA, had a rough year in 2021. One can argue that last year, the artist may have lived out his worst nightmares.

Despite the fact that their relationship was vilified because of their age gap (AKA 33, Nelly 22), the couple was inseparable and deeply in love - or so we thought.

The two supposedly began dating in January 2020, and the rapper surprised fans by announcing their engagement on social media in February 2021, just over a year later. Sadly, shortly after paying, the rapper's fiancée died in a tragic accident, leaving many people with more questions than answers.

Before we get into the specifics of the short-lived romance, let's take a look at the rapper's previous relationships.

Baby mama - DJ Zinhle

AKA and DJ Zinhle originally met in 2014, and their first kid, Kairo, was born in 2015. Because the rapper cheated on his baby mother, their relationship barely lasted three years, and they split up shortly after their Kairo was born. In 2018, the pair decided to give love another go and reconciled. This was a disaster because they split up in 2019, and this time it was for good. Over the years, the two have managed to maintain a good co-parenting relationship.

Queen B

Remember how we mentioned the rapper left his baby mama after he had an affair? Well, he had an affair with none other than Bonang Matheba! Queen B and AKA tried everything they could to keep their relationship out of the public eye, but they failed miserably. The couple swept social media with their aesthetically pleasing 'couple goal' pictures, and it was difficult to hate on them. However, their relationship came to an end almost as quickly as it began after our girl Bonang allegedly cheated on the rapper.

IG Baddie - Nicole Nyaba

Considering the fact that AKA and Nicole never publicly declared their relationship, they had long been linked to each other. Nicole assumed she would be next in line, becoming AKA's next official girlfriend, but when that didn't actually happen, the Instagram baddie packed her bags and walked away. But not before publicly making a few snarky remarks to and about the rapper!

Even though Anele and AKA's love story was short, their bond was unbreakable. The rapper was diagnosed with depression when his fiancée died, and he was even prescribed medicine. However, recent rumors speculate that the rapper has rekindled his love life, this time in the arms of fellow rapper BRAGGA better known as Nadia Nakai.   He even gifted her a Rolex watch for Christmas, although t hey haven't acknowledged or denied the dating rumors, so maybe this year will be the year they go public with their relationship.