3 Celeb MUA We're Crushing On

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By  | Aug 18, 2021, 12:02 PM

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While more and more celebrities are learning to do their own makeup, professional makeup artists’ hands are still very distinguishable and these makeup artists are some of the very best in SA, Africa and the world. When your face is beat by these award-winning and internationally renowned makeup artists, there’s no doubt that they touched your face! They are that good.

The great thing about these talented individuals is that while they have been in the entertainment makeup industry for years, they are still pretty accessible to the rest of us mere mortals. And even though they beat the faces of famous people almost every day on different sets and occasions, they have fully embraced social media and use the platforms to make sure their followers are clued up on the latest trends in makeup.

Been struggling with getting your brows to be “on fleek”? How about the feathered eyebrow trend that’s been popping up heavily on the gram? How about multitasking by using your matte lip gloss as eyeshadow? Or learning to blend your contouring and highlighting to the gods?

The trailblazers in their field are just the right people to follow… who knows tomorrow you could be a young pro at getting the same look Minnie had on the last episode of Homeground.

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