Tate Buti Promises A Lit Album's Preview

The musician is set to launch his album today

By  | Dec 18, 2020, 10:42 AM 

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Tate Buti is on cloud nine after he recently released his album titled Etunhu and now his next boss move is to host his album's preview for his legion of fans.

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It is no secret that his album's cover left many social media users foaming at the month after many accused his music of promoting sex but this won't dampen his mood as he is gearing up to give his fans a taste of his latest offering. Saying the musician has been doing well in the industry would be an understatement.

Tate Buti is one of the country's most renowned musicians and many of his fans respect his craft. In a video posted by The Vogue, Tate Buti promised his fans more fire as he will be officially launching his album. He said his album's preview will start at 6 pm today at The Vogue.

Even King Tee Dee showed him some love on social media. The musician recently dropped his album's cover which caused a stir on social media. As soon as the musician dropped his album's cover many social media users dragged him from hell to back saying his music is "too sexual."

"Tate Buti has so many lyrics which are rapey... He has been problematic for years now. He is very sexist and toxic. I need y’all to reflect and introspect and tell me why y’all enjoy his music.." wrote a Twitter user @F_Nangula

"I listen to tate buti's music. But still, I admit and acknowledge that his music is problematic. What I need to do is self introspect and ask why I still listen to such music. But for you to lie and say Meagan the Stallion and Tate Buti sing about the same things?" wrote @ellineuusiku.
Another Twitter said who seemingly came to his defense said his album's cover might be interpreting something else different.

"Imagine wanting to cancel Tate Buti by interpreting his album names to something entirely different and made up by you to fit and support your cancellation argument? Etunhu is a hill if you know it as something else oupote woye ilo owambuleni walye !! Muningila nayi"
In a radio interview, he said Etunhu is a speed hump. Top Cheri said she recently convince him to upload the album on iTunes and he agreed but after he saw what people have been saying on social media, he said he does not want to because people are mean on the Internet, does he even know what iTunes is?

'I convinced Tate Buti to upload his album on iTunes, he agreed until somebody forwarded him screenshots from Twitter! Called me and said he don’t want it on the internet cos people are mean. Now I must go explain Twitter is not iTunes," wrote Top Cheri.
Top Cheri recently released her long-awaited album titled Tithe and the album features collabos with Manxebe and Exit. The 15 track album has been receiving rave reviews from her legion of fans.

Image Cred: The Villager Newspaper Namibia
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