"Talk To Me Direct, Don't Go Through The Corners"

Maria has had enough

By  | Sep 30, 2021, 08:38 AM 

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It seems someone has ruffled Maria Nepembe's feathers. The TV personality posted a cryptic message on her Instagram stories telling those who speak behind her back to stop it and confront her.

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Maria is known for being a sweetheart but she does not shy away from addressing her haters. When she catches wind of negative comments about her on social media she is quick to slam trolls.

She also defends her circle pf friends. Remember when she came through for KP Illest after TopCheri dissed him?
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Their feud began when Top Cheri seemingly disrespected KP Illest as an artist and Maria Nepembe came to his defense. She started tweeting in his defense and KP Illest.

This follows after a Twitter user shared a picture of KP Illest against another rapper and asked who's the best rapper but TopCheri threw shade at the artists.
She tweeted "You guys must stop lying" with laugh face emojis.

This hurt the sentiments of Maria Nepembe who replied to Top Cheri’s tweet stating that the singer was finally starting to show her true colors.

"Some clarity, we are allowed to have our faves. U can prefer the one without using such a belittling & undermining tone on the other. You are a musician and u know how unhealthy & toxic the comparison game is? U wouldn’t want it done to u so why do it to others? Best friends even" she asked.

Top Cheri did not reply to her tweets. Recently a war raged between Maria and an Instagram user who accused her of being talentless.

"Talentless people always think they have talent. Stop this celebrity complex syndrome," he commented. Alex was harshly criticized for his remark, and he responded by saying he has nothing against Maria, but he's not impressed by her acting talent. He criticized her acting talent, claiming it’s poor.

"I have no hate for homegirl at all. In all sincerity, I wish her all the best, but the problem I have is this overhyping mentality yall have. I have watched anything she has acted in other than one ka Nigerian video and even in that her acting skills are so bad it was a crime to my eyes. I get that yall are besties and all but I will never be complacent with anything. If it's bad and if something doesn'

He even slut-shamed Maria and accused her of doing a night job.

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