Suzy Eises, Lioness and Elomotho Working

Remains tightlipped

By  | Oct 15, 2020, 08:29 PM 

Suzy Eises, Lioness and Elemotho could be working on a project together. The saxophonist uploaded an image with Lioness and Elemotho and  said she is working on something amazing with them.

"Doing something really cool with Lioness and Elemotho." tweeted Suzy Eises.

When has not explained what exactly it is but we figure it could be a few things. Given the type of artists they are and what Elemotho is well know for which is his true African and Kalahari roots. They could be working on a music video for a collaboration, an endorsement or a tourism or awareness video for the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Whatever it is, this could be something amazing for all the artists involved