"Stop Dating Mentally Broke Girls"

Amushelelo says it with his chest

By  | Apr 27, 2021, 03:45 PM 

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Self-proclaimed forex expert and businessman Michael Amushelelo, has sparked a major debate on social media with a post where he was advising Namibian men to stay away from "mentally broke girls.

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In a lengthy post on his Instagram account, the businessman slammed women who want financially stable men but when it comes to appreciating and showing love to their partners, they can't even do small things without complaining.

Amushelelo asked men how do they manage these ladies who think that a relationship is an occupation. "I mean how do you guys cope with dating a lady who thinks a relationship is an occupation; she is supposed to be paid and taken care of? Even if it's an occupation, what services is she actually offering to be privileged to receive such benefits, Or is she a ghost worker? ( NB: sex is not a benefit ONLY to men How do some guys manage to date, such ladies? Am not saying this because am working but it's what I see in most ladies," he shared.

Not mincing his words, Amushelelo advised men to date women who are intelligent and can provide emotional support, financial intelligence.

"No wonder suicide and depression victims are mostly men. See guy, don't ever date a broke girl no matter how gorgeous you think she is. They are serious liabilities.  Rather date a lady who adds something beneficial to your life. Things like emotional intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual intelligence and other intelligence. Date someone who's capable of calming the storm within your soul ( an average man has enough storms ); and not someone who adds stress to your life."

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The businessman said most of these women do have money but said they are just emotionally broke,  "One thing I've realized about all these broke girls is not that they don't actually have money. Most of them do; but it's just that they're mentally broke, which is way worse than not having money. I know many girls and ladies gonna be angry with this post, they won't like or comment in it.”

The entrepreneur recently cooped himself a brand new Range Rover and took to social media to post a picture of him posing next to it and captioned the snap, "Billionaire Toys. They might not like you but they will respect you because Money gives you Power and the Respect is automated. When you are poor and you have nothing even flies will disrespect you

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