Party With Shaka Khoza

V Lifestyle party star announced

By  | May 19, 2020, 02:11 PM  | Sthembiso "SK" Khoza 

If the Queen is your scene and Shaka your guy, we have good and bad news for you.
The V Lifestyle party organizers have announced the main guest of this year’s glamorous party and it is non-other than hot and sizzling celebrity Sthembiso Shaka Khoza. You don’t know who he is, he stars in South Africa’s popular television drama The Queen. It’s a bit unfortunate for the team single player as Shaka is happily married but rumor has it he knows how to party.

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V-Lifestyle picked uShaka because of The Queen’s popularity in Namibia. The Queen has indeed been an absolute hit in Namibia and no doubt Namibian fans especially the women lusting after the show’s enticing men, will have a golden opportunity to meet with the show’s stud.

Popular event manager Julia Kadhikwa aka Boss lady has confirmed that 'Shaka' Khoza will be to town soon.

“We decided to bring Shaka because he is perfect. He is energetic, he is youthful and he is someone who can interact with the crowd that we looking at “said Boss lady.

Shaka has won and broken many hearts with his sexy bad boy persona, and so many women have gone giddy when he speaks like a gangster. He is certainly not the man your mother would endorse but who does not love a bad boy? After all, V-Lifestyle is all about bridging bringing fans closer to their idols.

The party takes Namibians to a high-class location along with celebrities and have them party the night away in style, which is why it is the VIP lifestyle party. Boss Lady also said that the reason why they are not bringing artists is to avoid people confusing the event with a musical show.

“I thought why can I not invite celebrities to come and party with their fans. No bouncers, no media,” says Boss lady, as reported by the Namibian Sun newspaper last year.

Last year, the party was graced by the oh so lovely South African personality Minnie Dlamini, after Boity Thulo pulled out at the last minute.



Main Image Credit: Instagram/skcoza