Skrypt shares game

Rapper shows his creative process

By  | Aug 28, 2020, 04:48 AM 

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Skrypt is undoubtedly one of Namibia's most lyrically gifted rappers and is lethal on the mic. He has been sharing some traits of his creative side on his Instagram account.

The rapper has had breakdowns of some of his songs and has gone as far as telling people about his creative process in a series of videos shared to his Instagram account.

''First things first we get the producer to send the beat rhough and then let the beat dictate. A lot of the times, the songs writes itself when the beat is super good.'' he says on his creative writing process.
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The rapper has had an amazing 2020 and besides sharing knowledge on the creative side of things he took part in South Africa's hip hop legend Stogie T's freestyle challenges which earned him a nod from the SA rapper.
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