SK Khoza Touches Down In Namibia

Welcome to the land of the brave

By  | Sep 03, 2021, 06:53 PM 

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The Queen actor SK Khoza has finally touched down in Namibia and the excitement is palpable. The TV heartthrob will be at the premiere of My dream  Wedding Namibia today. SK is set to make a guest celebrity appearance there. My Dream Wedding is a TV Reality wedding show which is set to air on NBC.

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The actor posted a video of himself at the airport carrying his luggage and he said it's great to be in Namibia. He later posted a video of himself with his friend Paul Da Prince.

SK recently opened up about emotionally abusing his wife. In a lengthy post on his Instagram account, he said, “Keeping things that break your spirit and hurt you inside is not always a good thing. I have come to realize that I have done so and I ended up not realizing that I was taking it out on my fiancé @Ayearndar whenever I do talk about what is affecting me I would not address it in a calm manner,

“…and in turn, I didn’t see that I was hurting her and in a way, I was being emotionally abusive towards her. She has made me understand that just because I don’t physically abuse her, I was doing so with my words and I want to speak out and say I am sorry I didn’t address my problems and allowed them to overpower me.

Eight months ago, SK proposed to his girlfriend. Mandy Hlongwane. The actor recently trended after a series of videos from an alleged sex party went viral on Twitter. SK was seen in those videos and he apologized to his fans.

Moving forward in life, SK posted a 37-minute-long video on his Instagram that began with SK talking about his work and thanking his fans for voting for him to be the best male actor at the KZN Entertainment Awards. A little while later he was joined by Mandy who was preoccupied with her cell phone until SK got down on his knee. Even though the actor didn’t vocalize his proposal for us to hear, we saw Mandy’s emotions escalated from zero to a hundred very quickly.

The actor also shared the amazing news by captioning the video claiming that their families are soon to be one. “KHOZA AND HLONGWANE ARE NOW SOON TO BE ONE” Khoza wrote. A teary Mandy couldn’t contain her emotions and needed a moment off camera to take a breather from the emotions that took over her when SK asked her to be his wife.

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