Shenaaz Disses Robyn And Bulah?

We did not see this one coming

By  | May 04, 2021, 11:48 AM 

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Bulah's baby mama Shenaaz, has come out guns blazing to rubbish claims that their child was conceived when his baby daddy and media personality Robyn Nakaambo were together.

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Shenaaz and Bulah have a baby together but they have since parted ways and rumors have been having it that he is with Robyn now. The trio has been on everyone's lips lately as many have been suspecting that Shenaaz has been taking jabs at Robyn and Bulah on her Instagram stories. This started after she went on her Instagram stories and uploaded a series of stories where she lashed out at Bulah.

The first story reads "Now he is mad at me cause I am letting the other girl to have him." She later uploaded another one where she said raised a question about how her baby daddy would manage to stay with their child whilst he can't live by himself.

"How does my BD ever think my son is gonna leave with him if he can't even live with himself? I'm confused." She said her baby daddy must not shake the table to avoid being exposed.

Shenaaz decided to set the record straight by stating that her child was planned and she was with Bulah for nine years. "Listen my chid was conceived when I was told he had detached himself from Hobyn after a break we had. I was with him for 9 mf'n years in total. Just coz I'm not one to publicize my shit doesn't mean it ain't happening."

"Never needed validation from social media. We are different. My child was planned. Don't you get it twisted. Tired of hearing I was a side bitch and got pregnant. U found me at his place pregnant and u still the one that ended up getting chased out, sitting by ur car by the gate crying. Shall I post the video or nah,"

Shenaaz's Instagram stories have raised eyebrows and got tongues wagging on what might have triggered her to upload them. Robyn and Bulah have not yet reacted to Shenaaz's Instagram stories.
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Robyn recently hosted an intimate birthday celebration which was attended by her close friends and family and it was very elegant. The stunner took to her Instagram account to share a few snaps from the day and she wore a sky blue which perfectly showed off her legs.

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