Sharon Tjimbundu Called Out For Being Single

A friend suggested they open a cunt

By  | Feb 21, 2022, 01:02 PM 

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Is being single a bad thing or is it how long one has been single for?  TV sports anchor Sharon Tjimbundu’s friend Abisai Lileka  laughed off their singleness in a story he wrote and tagged Sharon. As part of responding Sharon shared the story to her IG.

The story read: “It looks like me and Sharon Tjimbundu are the only single ones now. Guess it’s time to start a cunt or something.  I swear water signs are not meant for a relationship, them earth and fire signs keep winning in the relationship department. CHOMI I think we to deep for the average person, let’s accept our fate, we are Samantha from Sex and the city.”
Sharon is one of Namibia's most eligible bachelorettes. Sis really knows how to slay and turn heads well, that's how she rolls. She's all about that another day, another slay life. Along with being one of the country’s most respected sports journalists, she had created a name for herself outside of day-job, and left us all drooling at her bodacious body and top-notch ensembles, read more on our previous article.

The presenter recently celebrated 100k Instagram followers, and she took to the social media platform to share the exciting news. She posted a video of herself walking in front of a beautiful house to celebrate this achievement. The video captioned "Celebrating 100k followers!!! Thank you guys for rocking with my vibe throughout these years. Comment down below where you are from and why you followed me.
Fans commented: “I am from 064.  I follow you because you are so kind and talk to people with so much luv I mean on your live videos you are such a kind person. LUVVVVVV YOUUUU.”
“All the way from windhoek and I follow you becoz ove owamama meaning (Omukuenambura) soo I follow my sister and I do like your post a lot.”
“All the way from the coast: Swakopmund. Well because you're literally hilarious. Toats a lovely soul. Wached your YouTube channel and I'd say you're amazing at what you do... Love when you say "HALLO MY BBYS, SO ADORABLE Also you're gorgeous.”

The presenter is since than sitting on 103K followers.

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