Sendry Slammed For Her Pregnancy Workouts

Are they too dangerous?

By  | May 20, 2021, 05:26 PM 

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Sendry has been serving major pregnancy goals on her Instagram profile and we can't help but gush about how hard the dotting mother is working hard to keep her body healthy.

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It is no secret that sometimes some women get exhausted and ill during their pregnancy and gym is not an option for them but for Sendry it has become the most frequent place she visits as she is trying to make sure to take care of both herself and her baby.

has been making us feel guilty for not hitting the game hard as she does. She has been sharing some of her gym routines and they are inspiring. Sis has a bundle of joy on board but she is sweating the fat off and she is passionate about what she does. Sendry has a personal trainer who has been assisting her with her workouts to make sure that they are safe for the baby as well.

The model recently laughed off an opinion that her workouts are dangerous for her pregnancy.

In an Instagram story, she told her followers to stop sharing their workout experiences with her because she is focusing on what she would love to achieve "I got my own to go through and I love being active. It's healthy to keep that in mind."

She slammed the opinionated fans saying no one is allowed to comment about her pregnancy or workouts.
Sis is no stranger to dropping major bombs she recently lashed out at her followers who were concerned about who her baby daddy is.

"I just feel like people should leave my life alone because I am just somebody that lives on my own and about who the father is, that has nothing to do with yall, it does not concern you. Obviously, if I did not put it out there, it is because I didn't want you to know anything because yall are up in my business," she said.

Sendry was previously in a relationship with DJ Castro. The DJ recently released a statement on social media announcing that they parted ways with Sendry  Although he did not reveal the circumstances surrounding their shocking breakup, he was civil about the matter and wished Sendry happiness moving forward.

The DJ said he will not be commenting further as he is focusing on his craft. "Hi, all, just a quick note to say that Sendry and I haven’t been together and I wish her nothing but happiness going forward. This is a private matter and I will not be commenting on the subject. For now, I’m just focused on my art !!! Peace and Love," he tweeted.

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