Sendry Celebrates A Huge Milestone

Hard work pays off

By  | Jul 08, 2021, 04:25 PM 

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Fitness model and soon-to-be mom Sendry celebrates another milestone in her life as she has hit 200K Instagram followers. This social media influencer is one of the country's rising stars on social media.

Throughout her social media growth, her dope content, love life, and pregnancy have garnered headlines. Taking to Instagram to celebrate this milestone. She posted balloons with the number of followers she has.
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Sendry recently broke up with her ex-boyfriend DJ Castro and later announced her pregnancy. A few scrolls down the mother-to-be's Instagram profile would leave you smitten with her lifestyle. Sendry has been posting fitness content a lot lately. She has been hitting the gym hard to stay fit and healthy, but she has deleted all the pictures and videos from her Instagram account.

It is not clear what triggered this, but it seems that she would like to focus on her pregnancy and becoming a mother now. Her recent Instagram posts show us a glimpse of pregnancy glow, and she looks like a million bucks.

She had a sizzling pregnancy shoot and she nailed it. Her baby bump looks gorgeous and we can't wait to meet her bundle of joy. Her beauty has left many celebrities mesmerized, and many have shared her pictures with their fans.

It is unclear when Sendry and DJ Castro called it quits. They broke up a long time ago, according to the DJ. "Hi, all, just a quick note to say that Sendry and I haven’t been together and I wish her nothing but happiness going forward. This is a private matter and I will not be commenting on the subject. For now, I’m just focused on my art !!! Peace and Love," he tweeted.

Upon their breakup, tongues began wagging about who she might have a baby with. In a fiery live video on Instagram, Sendry said she had been keeping pregnancy private because she did not want naysayers to speculate lies about who the baby daddy is.

"I just feel like people should leave my life alone because I am just somebody that lives on my own and about who the father is, that has nothing to do with yall, it does not concern you. Obviously, if I did not put it out there, it is because I didn't want you to know anything because yall are up in my business."

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