Sendry Spills The Tea

She opens up about her break up with DJ Castro

By  | May 06, 2021, 10:49 AM 

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iAfter remaining mum on her much-publicized break up with DJ Castro, Influencer Sendry has finally broken her silence. This follows after she hosted a Q&A session on her Instagram stories with her followers and fans couldn't help but ask about her breakup with the multi-award-winning DJ.

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DJ Castro recently released a statement on social media announcing that they parted ways with Sendry a long time ago. Although he did not reveal the circumstances surrounding their shocking breakup, he was civil about the matter and wished Sendry happiness moving forward.

The DJ said he will not be commenting further as he is focusing on his craft. "Hi, all, just a quick note to say that Sendry and I haven’t been together and I wish her nothing but happiness going forward. This is a private matter and I will not be commenting on the subject. For now, I’m just focused on my art !!! Peace and Love," he tweeted.

In a since-deleted screenshot of the Q&A session, Sendy revealed that she will not be getting a cover-up tattoo but she will get a sleeve. This comes after DJ Castro recently covered up his matching tattoo with the influencer.

The pair inked matching tattoos of each other's names during their relationship but Castro has since replaced it playing cards tattoo and we wonder what the motive behind this was.

Asked whether she still loves Castro, Sendry said "We moveeeee queens," Sis was also asked about how she dealt with her heartbreak and she said, "Everything in life is a phase and if you can't deal with it, there is someone that can (God) once you over that phase. It's a beautiful feeling," The mommy-to-be also opened up about how excited her baby daddy is about her pregnancy.

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In a fiery live video recently Sendry said she has been keeping pregnancy private because she does not want naysayers to speculate lies about who the baby daddy is.

"I just feel like people should leave my life alone because I am just somebody that lives on my own and about who the father is, that has nothing to do with yall, it does not concern you. Obviously, if I did not put it out there, it is because I didn't want you to know anything because yall are up in my business."

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