Sally Boss Madam New Look

Artist rocks new hairstyle

By  | Oct 22, 2020, 11:42 AM 

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Sally Boss Madam is embracing change and has chopped of her long hair and now rocking a new short cut. She looks great in the new hairstyle and this new look could mean the artist is going to give us new music and much more.

The artist recently confirmed that she and her ex-husband Dj Kboz broke divorced a year ago and that she has been single since. She also said she and Kboz are co-parenting and that he is a great father.

She debut her new hairstyle a week ago and people are loving it so much that she received over 9000 likes on her Instagram pic. Sally Boss Madam seems to be in a very happy place, she looks amazing and is working out and she is definitely embracing her feminity and we love to see it.

Perhaps this new hairstyle is a signal that she is about to give us new music and perhaps she will continue her Boss Madam Tour which was supposed to kick off in April 2020 before strict coronavirus state of emergency and lockdown was announced for Namibia. The tour was Sally Boss Madam's way of celebrating her 10 year long career in the music industry in Namibia.
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