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Celebrity couples that broke up but are missed

By  | Jun 06, 2022, 09:09 AM  | Relationships

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A cry for ex-lovers to rekindle their relationship has finally begun. The Namibian streets west down the memory lane with the help of Omajuices page on Instagram. The page shared pictures of ex-celebrity couples who used to make fans Sabaweli (crave) their relationship goals.

The picture that got many fans commenting was captioned: “Mjolo in these Namibian streets is not for the faint hearted.  Some of the relationships/situationships/transactionships that I miss. Who here do you miss?”
Fans commented: “Castro and Sendry vakwetu, I use to SBWL dahn.”

Well it is true Castro Ngoimue known as Dj Castro and influencer  Sendry  separated in 2021 and was loved by many.
The couple even had matching tattoos to express their love for each other. A fan reminded us: “’let’s not forget Castro and Sendry decided to get matching tattoos.  They didn’t even last a year.”

Speaking on their tattoos that they have both allegedly covered up after Sendry had said she won’t cover it, but she will get a sleeve. This was after DJ Castro according to Neweralive covered up his matching tattoo with the influencer.

Sendry said before the break-up: “The fact that I love him and I know that we will be together forever pushed me to have his name on me.”

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Dj Castro also said that he loved Sendry because she brought out the man in him and the fact that they all have the same goals pushed him to do the tattoo.. Well it is true we don’t know the future because the couple broke up with those less than a year tattoos. The future may have looked  promising for the two, but it definitely took a sharp no return turn.”

On the list we had Dillish Matthews who broke up with Emmanuel Adebayor. The fans also cried for their break up.

The former Big brother Africa 2013 winner Dillish told News central why she broke up with Paraguayan football member and the highest paid player emmanual. The couple broke up in 2019. A fan asked Dillish after rumours that they went their separate ways because of a cheating if it was true. Dillish said that none of them cheated but only left the relationship because she was tired of being humiliated by the football star. We wonder what type of humiliation she was talking about.

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“It is really none of your business, but I’ll like to make it clear; nobody cheated please. I left because I got tired of the way I was being humiliated by him on the internet."

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