Is Top Cheri Married?

Is she taken?

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An image of Top Cheri, Is Top Cheri Married?
Top Cheri is one of the fastest-rising female musicians in Namibia. Inspired by King Tee Dee, Top Cheri began her music career in the early 2010s and has been winning ever since.

Along with her great music and eccentric sense of style, Top Cheri’s personal life is always a topic of conversation, and one of the most asked questions about this star right now is “did Top Cheri get married?”

Today we address and put to rest rumours of Top Cheri getting married that have been circulating for a long time. Here are all the answers to your questions about your favourite musician’s marital status.

Is Top Cheri married?

Top Cheri, credit: Instagram

Top Cheri is married, but only to her music. We got you there, didn’t we? Speaking at an interview with The Southern Times in 2019, The Calling Heaven hitmaker revealed that she did not have immediate plans of getting married.

In her own words, Top Cheri said that she thought that marriage was a beautiful thing, but it was not a priority for her at the time, and she didn’t view marriage as an achievement, contrary to what society makes it.

It appears that Top Cheri is not about to allow society’s standards and pressures to get to her. The artist revealed that she was not in a rush to get married and whether she ended up married or unmarried, she would still enjoy her life.

A few months after her interview, TopCheri broke the internet when she tweeted that she was getting married to the most amazing being. Her tweet brought mixed reactions from her fans. While some believed that Top Cheri was getting married and congratulated her on her big announcement, a few questioned her story since she had announced that she was single a few months before.

It was later revealed that her tweet was just a promotion for her upcoming album, Matrimony

We think more women should adopt Top Cheri’s mentality about marriage. What do you think?

Did Top Cheri have a traditional wedding?

Top Cheri, credit: Instagram

Recently, Top Cheri left her fans confused yet again when rumours started spreading that Top Cheri had gotten married in a secret traditional wedding.

The genesis of the rumour is interesting. Top Cheri shared photos of herself next to a bull that she said had been gifted to her by her beau. Fans immediately put one and one together and concluded that the bull was part of her lobola.

Of course, Top Cheri rubbished this rumour together with speculations that she was pregnant.

Who is Top Cheri dating?

Top Cheri and Max, screenshot

According to sources, Top Cheri is currently in a relationship with an entrepreneur identified as Max Sheya.

It is unclear how the two love birds met or how long they’ve been together, but they seem to have a strong connection.

For his last birthday, Top Cheri, who has been very private about her relationship, took to social media to shower Max with love melting her fans’ hearts.

Could Max Sheya be the man who will make Top Cheri a married woman someday? Only time will tell. Although if Max Sheya and Top Cheri were to get married, they would make a lovely groom and bride.

Does Top Cheri have any kids?

As of now, Top Cheri does not have any children that we know of. It is also not clear whether the star has any plans of having children in the future.

We are, however, convinced that if Top Cheri had children, they would be beautiful.

Do you have any other further questions about Top Cheri? Let us know, and we will try our best to respond.

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