Here’s What Top Cheri Had To Say About Her Relationship With Exit

She Shut Down All Rumours Instantly

By  | Feb 04, 2021, 01:13 PM  | TopCheri  | Relationships

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Top Cheri decided to have a little Q&A session with her fans on Instagram. A lot of the questions she received were to do with her relationship status and more specifically, her relationship with Exit.

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She shut everyone down after receiving questions about Exit repeatedly. Not wanting any rumors to spread, the artist was quick to make the title of her relationship with Exit quite clear with her replies. 

One of the answers that Top Cheri answered vaguely was of someone asking her about her relationship status. Not revealing much, she replied by saying ‘My brand does not align with replying to this question’. 

We must admit, this question was cleverly avoided by Top Cheri whose relationship status remains to be a mystery. There were many other questions asking about her inspiration, her dream vacation country, her industry friends, her workout routine, and more. 

Exit was mentioned in these questions more than once, however. The first question about him was if he was cheating on Top Cheri. This question seemed to amuse her as she replied with ‘Exit? Cheat? Never’ followed by the laughing emojis.

Top Cheri is one of Namibia’s top female rappers and has created a successful brand for herself since entering the music industry. Her hard work resulted in her being nominated for numerous awards. 

A celebrated artist in the country, Exit is a multi-talented Kwaito musician who later went into Hip Hop and created an entirely new genre of music. He also has his own record label and continues to work on his music. He recently released an album that took the music industry by storm and was an instant hit. 

The two artists have collaborated on a number of songs before and their chemistry is what caused fans to think that there might be something more than just friendship between them. But Top Cheri, not wanting to start unnecessary rumours, addressed their relationship and cleared the air. 

The first question possibly created a sort of domino effect, as more and more questions about their relationship started coming up. Someone asked her if she was dating Exit and replied saying that apparently she was but it was news to her as well, making it clear that her sarcastic reply meant that she was not dating him. 

When the final question about Exit came up is when Top Cheri decided she had to put an end to this. Upon being asked when she and Exit started dating, Top Cheri put aside the comedy and answered this question quite seriously. 

She replied saying ‘Before this even gets out of hand! Beloveds Exit and I have always only be friends and nothing else… the love songs is simply just music. Exit is practically my brother… I can’t see him as anything else. He protects me and loves me but that’s only coz I’m fam.’

This reply was all that was needed to shut down any more questions about her relationship with Exit. she has made it quite clear that the two are nothing but friends and are as close as brother and sister. 

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