This Is What Sendry Learnt After Giving Birth

She went through the most

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New mommy Sendry Wimmerth has let us in on her experience when giving birth and lets just say sis is more grateful for her mom now more than ever.

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Sendry took to Instagram to share her experience. She said, "Through my pregnancy journey, through all labour pains I realised how much a woman should be respected, how much a parent should love, how much talking back to a parent is so disrespectful, how much you should  watch ever hurting your  parents...

"Pregnancy and what women go through during that period is no joke and that right there is real womanhood. I love and appreciate my mom way more than I ever did and I thank God for her raising me into such a wonderful woman. I will forever be grateful and I will forever treasure and respect her, no matter what, you are a true hero"

Two days ago, it was reported that Sendry had given birth at the Windhoek Central Hospital.

We are glad that the influencer's baby has finally been born after months of anticipation. During her pregnancy, she has been sharing beautiful pregnancy photos that perfectly showcased her baby bump.

She has also been keeping the gender of her baby hush-hush. Many have also been wondering who her baby daddy is but homegirl didn't let the comments slide, she took to her IG stories to hit back at her fans

"I just feel like people should leave my life alone because I am just somebody that lives on my own and about who the father is, that has nothing to do with y'all, it does not concern you. Obviously, if I did not put it out there, it is because I didn't want you to know anything because y'all are up in my business," she said.

She also took to her Instagram account to open up about her pregnancy journey saying it has been nothing short of amazing. She said her baby makes her feel amazing every day she wakes up.

"My pregnancy journey. Jah neh it was totally a journey I can say It had a lot of downs but I kicked through it and made it a lot of ups .. honestly, I never thought I did carry someone that makes me feel so great every day that I wake up.. my baby really made her mama glow ha …as a woman you can only be as strong till a sudden point and with my journey a few really tried but when you carry a little you, you’ve got to be 10 time’s stronger this is the most beautiful, blessed, greatest journey a woman can ever experience  all the pains all the sleepless nights all the cravings all stress all the tears all the good and bad days it’s all just so beautiful I wouldn’t trade it for the world I can’t wait to actually be a mom and enjoy the rest of my journey"

How many of you guys can relate to what Sendry has gone through?

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