Nelaolange And Sunny Boy's Wedding (In Case You Missed)

It finally happened!

By  | May 21, 2022, 01:29 PM  | Sunny Boy  | Relationships

Nelaolange and Sunny Boy
After a long journey filled with ups and downs, breakups and reunions and interference from third parties, Sunny Boy and his beautiful long time girlfriend and mother of his children finally exchanged vows in a low-key event.

Here is everything you need to know about Nelaolange and Sunny Boy’s wedding that melted our hearts. If you were to get married soon, would you consider having a wedding like this? Let us know what you think.

When was Sunny Boy’s wedding?

Nelaolange and Sunny Boy's wedding, source: Instagram

Sunny Boy’s wedding was held on 11th March 2022. Sunny Boy confirmed that he had gotten married when he posted a picture of himself with his wife two days later after the wedding with the caption:

“Mr & Mrs Shipushu 💍”

Instead of going for a big, flashy event with expensive wedding attire, a long guest list and even an exotic wedding venue, like we’ve seen with some celebrities, the couple had a simple but intimate civil wedding. If you ask us, we think that simplicity is the way to go and we would be pleased to see more people following in this couple’s footsteps.

For the event, which was attended by a few close friends, Sunny Boy was dressed in a navy blue suit and his fashion-savvy bride wore a beautiful figure-hugging white dress with black horizontal stripes and a pair of clear heels.

Nelaolange tossing the bouquet, source: Instagram

Although the wedding was different from what we are used to, the couple observed a few wedding traditions like the tossing of the wedding bouquet by the bride and exchanging wedding rings. While Sunny Boy’s ring is an expensive-looking black band, Nelalange’s is a massive diamond rock. 

Who is Sunny Boy’s wife?

Sunny Boy's wife- Nelaolange, source: Facebook

The woman that the Hikwa legend vowed to stick with for better or worse is a beautiful Namibian woman called Janine Nelaolange Iyambo Shipushu.

Not much is known about her background, but like her husband, Nelaolange is a big deal on social media and has close to 140K followers on Instagram where, as an icon in the industry, she inspires her followers with fashion and beauty trends.

Sunny Boy and Nelaolange children

Sunny Boy's children, source: Instagram

Before officially cementing their status as husband and wife, Sunny Boy and Janine Nelaolange had known each other for more than ten years and had been in a long-term relationship.

The newly married couple is blessed with two beautiful children- a daughter called Charisse Shipushu and a son called Malik Shipushu.

Was Sunny Boy’s wedding postponed before?

Sunny Boy and Nelaolange, source: Instagram

Yes, as earlier mentioned in the article, Nelaolange and Sunny Boy’s journey to getting married has not been a smooth one.

The couple got engaged a few years back and they were set to get married in 2020 but their plans were put on hold after Sunny Boy’s cheating allegations came to light following leaked Whatsapp conversations.

The couple went through a rough patch and it is reported that Nelaolange allegedly kicked Sunny Boy out of their home as the two separated.

After co-parenting for a while, Sunny Boy and Nelaolange seemingly decided to let bygones be and give their relationship a second chance and we are so glad it worked out and the two are now finally married.

As the two continue to enjoy life as a newly married couple, we wish nothing but the best in their marriage and parenting life.
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