Has Sunny Boy Set Wedding Date?

A close friend may have let something slip.

By  | May 03, 2021, 07:22 PM  | Sunny Boy  | Relationships

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Famed Namibian rapper SunnyBoy has been in the news for the last few months not for all good reasons the rapper was caught in a cheating scandal. This cheating scandal was particularly concerning because it was discovered the Sunny Boy had cheated on his partner, with not one but many women. This then resulted in her putting him out of their apartment and calling their wedding off.
 The couple couldn’t completely cut each other out of their lives because they do have two kids together, and while they were separated the couple did see each other as they had to co-parent their kids together. Despite keeping in contact to co-parent Namibians were still shocked when the couple seemed to be giving their relationship a second chance and seemed to be slowly rekindling their romance.
While now it is official that the estranged couple has found their way back to each other and have taken to social media to show that they are back together and stronger than ever. This past weekend Sunny Boy took to his social media to share a series of videos of him and his baby mama enjoying the day while sipping on some drinks and listening to music adding a heartfelt caption to accompany the post “ You Never Stop Learning to Love someone”. The comments were filled with overwhelming support and words of encouragement, many people were glad to see Namibia's power couple together and embracing one another so lovingly. 
  Among the loving comments, there were a few comments that all asked the same thing. Something along the lines of “is the wedding back on?” and one comment that did stand out among all the rest was designer and influencer Bee Chirose’s, also a friend of the couple’s, comment in which she said, “i[t’]s the wedding date for me”. Perhaps the couple has let a potential wedding date be known to their innermost circle of close friends.
A screenshot of Bee's comment below their post.

 People were shocked about this considering his cheating scandal did not involve one single “ other woman” instead it is alleged that Sunny Boy had relations with over 13 women while he was engaged to his long time partner and baby mama Nelaolange, who since the incident has been relatively quiet regarding Sunny Boy's infidelity and has seemed to have forgiven him and moved on from the incident. 
When the news of his infidelity was made publicly nude photographs of his side chicks and the WhatsApp conversations going along with them went viral and became the topic of discussion for days on end. Nelaolange was relatively quiet in their separation, and according to some of her social media posts at the time it did seem like she was gaining her groove back and thriving as a single woman. 
 The couple has yet to release anything that has to do with whether they have resumed their engagement or even reset a date for the previously canceled wedding event, but we do know that plenty of Namibians are rooting for them.

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