Have Sunny Boy And Nelaolange Rekindled Their Love?

Nelaolange posted a picture of them in bed with their children and switched off comments

By  | Dec 03, 2020, 11:13 AM  | Sunny Boy  | Relationships

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It seems Sunny Boy and his baby mama Nelaolange Iyambo have rekindled their love following the musician's cheating scandal.

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This morning on 03 November 2020, Nelaolange posted a picture of her, Sunny Boy, and their two children in bed, and what has set tongues wagging is the fact that sis decided to switch off comments on her post, proving that she doesn't want to be asked anything.

We thought the picture might be old but when you check the latest hairstyles of their children, they are similar to the ones on the snap.

What we have learned is that the musician totally adores his family and he is very tight-knit with his children. Sunnyboy does not shy away from fulfilling daddy's diaries in his busy schedule. He is blessed with three children -two baby girls and a baby boy. He often shares posts with them and shares hilarious moments in between their diaries.

The family recently went on a weekend vacation at Heja Lodge and gave us a glimpse of their holiday. Sunny Boy and Nalaolange were set to get married but Sunny Boy's cheating scandals ended those dreams quickly.

The two trended in May after pictures of Sunny Boy's side chicks were leaked on social media and screenshots of their WhatsApp conversations. The rapper was accused of being a womanizer after he cheated on Nelaolange with a couple of women.

At the time Nelaolange did not have time for the drama and tweeted that she was mourning the passing of her dad said she will deal with lesser important things later.

A Twitter user sent his condolences and said she must mize the negativity

"May his soul rest in Eternal peace........ Wishing you nothing but strength.....Women are created with a heart to accommodate every situation...Be blessed and please don't mind and take anything serious of what some hypocrites are trying to say..... Be determined for anything"

Sunny Boy's cheating scandal caused quite a stir on social media and left fans divided one Twitter user commented on Nelaolange's tweet pleading with her to not dump Sunny Boy.

"Don’t dump your fiancé bcoz of such mistakes, after all, it’s life and we are not perfect. Most of the people who are making fun out of your situation they don’t wanna see you happy, I am praying to God that you gain your strength back and have a serious talk and counseling with your Guy," tweeted @@Sms3569468.

Nelaolange also recently confirmed the passing of her mom who was laid to rest last week.

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